Thursday, September 9, 2010

A view from the other side!

So I am sure that you have enjoyed seeing the trip through my perspective, but as a special treat, I present a few pictures that show what life is like from the other side. I will actually be appearing in some of these:

The first picture is what Allison saw as she was trying to pass out. Right after we arrived at the hotel.

I am sure this has become an annoying sight for Eric and Allison, but it is much handier than using an actual camera (Thanks Katie and Will!). This is me taking a picture of Allison trying to sleep.
This is Eric's picture of Allison zonked out.
Eric's picture of the courtyard outside our window. Nice typical view of a European city I guess?
And now the much awaited pictures of Spiderman showing me and Eric how to fight crime. First he showed us how to shoot webs. Eric looks experienced at this. Spiderman better watch out!
Next spiderman asked us where we were from. Upon learning that we were from Oregon, he told us that he would show us how to fly back there. I was sort of all flied out.... since we had just landed, but we obliged him anyway, even though I don't think that Spiderman can actually fly.
Our final instruction was on how to do karate, or more accurately how to do the crane move from karate kid. Eric seems to be a little lost.

After our encounter with spiderman, it was time for a panoramajama, (several pictures taken while slowly doing a 360 to get a panorama shot of an area, for those of you who didn't follow the germany blog). This is what it looks like while I do that... looks fun for Eric. lol :)

Our first beer in Spain! Not quite as epic a moment as our first beer in Germany... but still great. Although, it was diminished by the fact that we got scammed a little bit by the waiter. He tricked us to eating there.

Last but not least, Allison loved this title over the top of a cafe near where we ate. Worst restaurant sign title ever?
Hopefully you enjoyed this look from the other side. These pictures will now be incorporated in, which may mean more pictures, as if my blog wasn't epic enough! Come back soon for the thrilling report of the second day.

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Frederico said...

Spiderman is a way cool dude! Too funny! Muy bueno!