Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cleveland Family Reunion: Day 2

 So day two of the reunion started pretty slowly.  I was the first boy cousin up, and that was at around 11 or so.  Such is the consequence of getting to bed at 2 AM.

Luckily there was still some of the breakfast left from what my aunt Margo made and I was able to eat that.

Soon Don and Derrick headed out to put the jet ski in the water and bring it over.  Everyone was really excited for the jet ski and were waiting for it on the back porch.

 Derrick was really gracious and took all of the cousins for rides.  He took me out and showed me how to drive it.  It was really fun.  I took Riley out for a ride and then turned it back over to Derrick and he taught all of the older cousins how to drive.  Here is Claire going out for a ride.

It was such a popular activity that everyone wanted to go and the back porch was a very popular place to be in the morning.

Somehow Marissa, Claire, and Haylee convinced their parents to let them go alone.... they then decided to take the jet ski out to the bridge.  On the way there they were going at a nice clip, but on the way back they were coming very slowly.

When they got back they looked really sheepish and one of the rear view mirrors were missing.  We asked what happened and they siad that they ran into one of the posts of the bridge! Which is kind of crazy, I was very happy that they were ok, since doing something like that could have been really bad.

After that we shut down the jet ski for the day.  That led to a defeated Riley having an Ice Cream.

Kyle was also kind of depressed and had to have an ice cream to bolster his spirits.

Then the girls convinced Riley that the fish statue thing was a remote for a tv.  So while Riley moved the fish around, Marissa would click the actual remote.  He was really enjoying it for quite a long time. 

In the afternoon we went to the beach, but I don't really have any pictures of that.   After the beach we had a nice dinner, though I managed to miss out on dinner since Riley asked me to take him upstairs.  By the time I got back downstairs all of the food was gone! So I just made myself a sandwhich, and Derrick gave me some of his dinner.  Which resulted in both of us being hungry.

After dinner, we had to take a trip to Wal-Mart to get fishing licenses for our big fishing trip the next day.  The trip there was fine, but the wait for the licenses was forever.  Here are Derrick and Kyle waiting while the adults stood in line.

By the time I got home, Riley was already asleep and already taking up most of the space in the bed.  I gently moved him over so that I could lay down and actually sleep.

It was a nice relaxing day, just jet skiing and going to the beach.  It was really nice hanging out with my family and enjoying the beach and water.


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Chris-You are so sweet, and kind-hearted to your cousins.