Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Conference: Stats!

So during the conference one thing I did to not fall asleep and since it was actually really very interesting I took stats of attendance during the different sessions as well as computer usage and the differences between macs and windows computers.

As a guide, these are the session titles:

0: Opening Keynote
1: Assisting Programmers
2: Debugging
3: Games & Learning
4: Spreadsheets & Nuerons
5: Graph & Model Transforms
6: Web Programming
7: Spiders & Graphs
8: Closing Keynote
9: Understanding Designers and Programmers
10: Visual Languages & Formalisms
11: Panel and Close

I did not start keeping stats until the 3rd session, and I was too nervous during the 4th session as Markus and Eric were talking. So sadly, the graphs are not entirely complete.

The first graph is about session attendance. You can certainly see the drop off as the days go on. Although I don't have a lot of information for the first day. It also shows that modeling is one of the most poorly attended sessions, and gaming was one of the highest. The red vertical lines mark the separation of days.

The next two charts have to do with computer usage. In the first chart we see Mac usage in blue, windows in red, and computerless in green. In general Mac usage for outweighed that of Windows, while actually computerless was very high. I should have also counted sleeping people... but that would have probably been a little sad :).

The final chart shows the actual percentage of computer usage for each session.


Unknown said...

Love the charts and love my Mac.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! ;-)