Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KEC Krew Softball Jerseys

So the time is coming for the next softball season. Since last season our uniforms were pretty popular, we are going to try again. This time we will also be getting female jerseys, which was a big complaint last year. We will be having a poll to help decide what we will be wearing this year.

This weeks poll will decide the color. Next's week poll will decide the logo/design of the front. If anyone wants to create a design and send it to me I will include it in the poll. The vote will end on 3/3/09 at 11:59 PM.






Eric said...

I propose we wear black cloaks, paint our faces red, and use double ended bats.

Tim said...

Can I choose the female ``jerseys''?

The Elephant said...

Yeah.. because I'm sure a team of Darth Maul impersonators would do really well. I think the yellow contacts would allow us to pick the ball up better.

Anonymous said...

Wow....the black has no votes. I was very torn betwn black or navy.