Sunday, September 21, 2008

Augsburg, Punk Town Germany

After the conference, Eric and I headed to Augsburg to visit Markus and Fabian, who kindly drove from Stuttgart to see us. It was a fun day. What follows are some pictures of the awesome trip/ bar crawl.


Our first exciting event was driving really fast on the Autobahn. I know this isn't all that great, but it was fun when we were doing it and was probably the fastest I had driven... This is a picture....

We got an old lady to take our picture as we walked around Downtown... she did an okay job, Markus was disappointed.

Us and a fountain

Then we went and had dinner and our first beer of the evening. We went to an Italian place and got pizza and lasagna.

You looking at me?

Then we went to another bar, peaches, of which I have no pictures, but we got some rum, which is rare in the US. I don't want to say where it is from, or I will get arrested.... After that Eric wanted a cigar, so... we got one, from the same place as the rum, and walked around, Eric thought he looked cool, you can be the judge of that.

Cigar time

Finally, we ended our night at Enchilada, in which we had to give a rose to a bachelorette. The rose was from the bathroom, so that was exciting...

We ended up messing up the table a little bit... but we were getting checked out by a table full of girls, that was pretty awesome.

All in all it was a fun night and it was good to see my German friends again.

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