Sunday, September 14, 2008

To the Castle

Another Day in Germany. This time we are going to be staying in a castle, which is very cool. This happened last night, but sadly there was no internet connection. I am sure Eric will provide more information, but here are some pictures to help pass the time.

Ice Cream, It's whats for dinner

So the castle is really cool, but sadly, they have no food, so we take an excursion to the town of Pullach, to find a grocery store. We buy 8 ice cream sandwhichs, and some other, non important, real food.

Eric the Waiter

So we got breakfast for free, but we had to bus and clean our tables. Eric did it very well... I just took pictures.

Exploring the Castle
So instead of taking the non-existent tour we instead wondering around the castle trying to open random doors.

We found this kind of cool room, but we mostly wanted to make it to the top of the castle tower. We eventually found the staircase and started climbing, we nearly made it to the top before we ran into:

Luckily for us there was still something cool at the "top" of the tower. An awesome and slightly smelly bathroom.
I guess he really has to go?

A Panorama of the Castle Courtyard

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