Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Breaking Election News From KNN

The League of Evil Primary is over and we have a surprise winner. 

After trailing for nearly the entire voting session The Weasel has claimed a 17-15 victory over Lord Cyclone.  As late as 11:30 PM is appeared that Lord Cyclone would pull out a victory, but The Weasel pulled into a 15-15 tie shortly after this point.

Two late votes pulled The Weasel into first and the victory.  Both sides have accused the other of cheating and it has yet to be seen how this may affect the rest of the race.  The League of Evil primary rules require the runner up in the primary to fill the Vice Presidential Candidate role.

Voting in the KEC Krew Primary begins later today.


Eric said...

I call foul play! The elections are a sham! I call on Lord Cyclone to overthrow this puppet regime and assert his rightful claim on the throne. All hail Lord Cyclone!

The Elephant said...

The election results are being looked at by the League of Evil... the results will be announced soon. Have no fear Eric, your voice shall be heard.