Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A beer is a beer, unless its a german beer?

In a vast departure from the normal posts on the blog, and because I have to make sure the truth is told, not Eric's half truths and fabrications... I may post some adventures from our trip in Germany.

Eric's post summed up a lot of the day, needless to say I have now been up for 24 hours straight, unless you count the 1 hour where I tried to sleep on the plane and may have dozed off... So perhaps it is 23/24 hours.

It is good to finally stop traveling, although now that I have stopped I don't know if I want to get up and get a beer. It is quite a quandary....

Anyway, Eric and I arrived safely and are enjoying all the amenities of not being crammed into a jet.


Eric said...

Fortunately, we made the right decision and went out and got a beer. After which, we were feeling much better and walked around the city for a couple hours.

Fabian said...

Welcome to good 'ol Germany.
I hope you like the beer... ;)